Terry Bamberger

Anthony Sorrells
   UCLA School of Theatre 

“If there is any person who can guide an actor in the art of making his or her business his or her play, Terry Bamberger has succeeded in doing so.

If anyone wants to know what it means to begin a journey - inner and outer, artist and human being, journey with Terry Bamberger, she empowers the multitudes to find their way.”

India Cale

Southern Oregon University

Theater Department

"Working with Terry was extremely engaging and enlightening. She both encouraged and challenged me each time we worked together. I brought in a monologue from The Medea.

I would recommend her to any young actor who wants a safe space to push themselves and grow. I feel absolutely blessed to have gotten a chance to train with such a bright, knowledgeable, and kind acting coach."

Lukas Ferreira
      UCLA School of Theatre    

​​​"Terry is a teacher and coach I've cherished throughout many theatrical occasions. 

She coached me through college auditions. I got into my top choice college program and honestly, think it could not have happened without her coaching and perspective."

Katie Dragone
   Stanford University

 Department of Theater

“Terry helped to exponentially improve my audition pieces. She didn’t fully revise them, but rather refined the choices I had already made as the characters.

I do not think that I would have had nearly as much success in my college auditions if I had not consulted Terry for help.”

I'm a certified California teacher with 15-years experience training young actors in acting, voice, and movement at both the San Francisco School of the Arts and Oakland School for the Arts.  

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